OneBoard® structural system - Case study

We received a call from a developer asking for advice. He wanted to know if we had a solution for installing a first floor underfloor heating system at build stage. Having never worked with us before, he didn’t know about our OneBoard® system.

At just 22mm thin, OneBoard® is our unique structural composite board, which is integrated into the floor to create a structural floor system in place of chipboard. It’s designed to save time on site, as well as money. OneBoard® is part of our low-profile range – which was ideal for our new customer.

The solution

OneBoard® is an excellent and efficient solution if you’re at the build stage. It’s easy to install, and with 6mm plywood on top, becomes a fully structural floor. OneBoard® is suitable for high or low temperature sources, solid wood joists or metal joists and is rated for wet areas such as bathrooms. The tongue and groove fit of OneBoard® also means the floor is flat once laid and no extra levelling work is required, making it a great all-around solution.

The developer sent us his floor plans, and told us that time was tight, so we emailed him the quote that same day. Our commitment to getting quotes back quickly ensured the developer stayed on schedule and allowed him to build in time for other aspects of the project.

We assigned a dedicated Technical Sales Adviser to the developer, which greatly helped his project. The Technical Sales Adviser talked the customer through the process and gave him his direct line in case he needed anything else.

The system was delivered direct to the site so the developer didn’t have to make a trip to the merchants. We supplied a complete system together with instructions and CAD drawings, so everything was ready to go.

The system included our SUPERflex™-12 pipe, which is incredibly easy to handle on site and goes directly into pre-routed grooves. The installation couldn’t have been quicker – and our customer couldn’t have been happier.

The result

A complete underfloor heating system installed in three days. No screed drying time and very little disruption. Perfect.

OneBoard® is a low-profile, easy-to-fit system that simply works. The way we handled the project means that the developer is now a loyal, repeat customer.

“The dedicated Technical Sales Adviser was a new thing tome. Backed up by his expert knowledge and a great product, Icompleted the project with time to spare.”

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