Make Continal a part of your team

A self-build project is often the culmination of a lifelong dream as you build your forever home. But it can also be daunting, especially if you’ve never worked on a project of such a scale before.

Creating your forever home means working with dozens of different trades right from day one. You’ll spend hours with architects designing your property and have thousands of decisions to make that will impact how successfully the project is completed. Whether you’ve built homes before or are taking on a self-build for the very first time, every project is unique and brings with it different challenges.

Fitting underfloor heating (UFH) in a self-build means working with architects to make sure the building is correctly insulated, liaising with electricians and the build team on the technical designs, as well as the installers who will lay the pipework and commission the finished system.

Some self-builders employ a project manager to work with the build team, while others take a hands-on approach and choose to fill that role themselves.

Whatever you decide, surround yourself with experts who can advise you on all the options available. Give yourself the support you need to make designing the UFH simple and straightforward, whether you’re looking for a brand-new screeded system, an overfloor system for a home extension, or UFH that can work seamlessly across different floor types.