Screed panels

Screed panels have extremely low thermal resistance, which maximises heat output of the underfloor heating system.

ThermoDEK™-18 is a low profile, high-output, high-strength



ThermoDEK™-18 is a low-profile, high-output, high-strength, solid gypsum panel incorporating pipe grooves at 150mm centres for our SUPERflex™-12 pipe.

The panel is complimented with a return panel (ThermoDEK™-18R) to allow pipe runs and pipe returns at opposite ends of the room.

  • Fast to lay
  • High output
  • High strength
  • Only 18mm thin
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DriDEK™-20 is a dry screed panel, ideal to overlay on SlimFix®-18, SlimFix®-25, SlimFix®-TR, UltraSlim™-15, and OneBoard®.

DriDEK™-20 has extremely low thermal resistance when compared to the most common floor finishes (chipboard and wet screed), which maximises the performance of any low-profile system.

  • 20mm thin dry screed board
  • High thermal performance: 400% vs chipboard
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Tongue and groove for easy flat installation
  • Interlocking edges, no need for screws
  • Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens: tile directly
  • Compatible with laminate, ceramic tile and carpet
  • High acoustic performance: robust detail E-FT-5 and E-FT-6
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