Case studies

We design and supply underfloor heating packages direct to the trade. Take a look at some of the reasons why our customers choose to always use us.

UFH for joists made easy

Products: OneBoard® structural system, SUPERflex™-12 pipe

Continal’s OneBoard® structural system was specified as part of the construction of a two-storey newbuild property in Ash Green, Surrey.

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TileFix offers flexible installation

Products: TileFix-18® overfloor system, Quantum RF thermostats

We were contacted by an installer who needed to fit underfloor heating (UFH) in a 78m2 single-storey lodge in Lancashire. This striking timber-framed property has vaulted ceilings, floor-to-ceiling glass panels and an open-plan kitchen, dining and living area, creating a large area that required UFH.

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Low ceilings are no problem for UltraSlim™

Products: UltraSlim™-15, SUPERflex™-12 pipe

When one of our regular customers had a tricky property that needed underfloor heating (UFH), they called Continal Underfloor Heating to see if we could help.

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House extension with heat pump

Products: SUPERflex™, ThermoDEK™-18

When you’re renovating a large property that has a heat pump installed, it’s more important than ever to make sure you choose the best performing system, from a manufacturer who will give you all the support you need.

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New build development

Products: SUPERflex-16™, AluPlate™ fit-from-below

Our customer came to us for a quote to supply underfloor heating across two floors of a number of newbuild properties.

The properties were all being built on the same site, but the project had an extremely tight turnaround time, and our customer needed to get the quote quickly in order to give his client a price for the work.

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Two-storey refurbishment project

Products: TileFix®-25, SlimFix®-25, OneBoard® structural system

The homeowner had some very specific questions about whether UFH would work for him, as he needed a cohesive system that would work with various different floor coverings and floor heights throughout the building.

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App-controlled luxury for a home renovation

Products: OneBoard® structural system, SUPERflex™-12 pipe, Quantum thermostats

When tradespeople carry out work on their own homes, they want to use the very best products from companies who have always supported them in the past. That’s why, when one of Continal Underfloor Heating’s existing customers decided to fit underfloor heating in his own property, he knew who to call.

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Single-pour screed project

Products: AluPlas® pipe

Our customer opted to use a traditional single-pour screed method (also known as “insulation under slab”). This approach isn’t used very often these days, as there are now more efficient methods available. However, this didn’t stop us from designing and supplying the right system for their project and meeting our customer’s requirements.

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Extension to an existing property

Products: SUPERflex™, SpeedTrak™ and Quantum controls

It’s always good to get a recommendation. These new clients had heard about us from a friend, who had one of our systems installed 10 years ago. Based on their friend’s experience, they decided to ask us to quote for a system for their new extension.

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Two-storey new-build

Product: SUPERflex™-16 and Continal® staples

We received a call from a client asking for our help to design an underfloor heating system for the ground floor of their new four-bedroomed house; and of course, we were glad to help.

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4-bedroom detached new build

Products: Quantum controls and AluPlate™

This stunning, newly built 4-bedroom house overlooks the estuary, and is reverse level to make the most of the views. This is a popular house design, ensuring that the living area has the best outlook. But how does this affect the heating system?

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Four-bedroom detached house extension

Products: SpeedTrak™ and SUPERflex™-16

After talking to a number of manufacturers and not finding what he was looking for, the installer contacted the team at Continal, who were able to advise him on the benefits of all the different system types on the market, and help him to choose which would work best.

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Old house refurbishment

Products: TileFix®-25, and SUPERflex™-16

We were contacted by an installer who hadn’t worked with Continal before, but who came to us after he had been unable to contact his usual supplier because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

He needed to find an underfloor heating system quickly for a large, old house he was refurbishing. As he was already on site, time was of the essence and he needed to have the system designed and supplied as quickly as possible to minimise further disruption for the homeowner.

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Newbuild house and adjoining annexe

Products: Continal® staples, SUPERflex™-16, and Quantum controls

Customers who purchase from us quickly discover that the Continal team can always be relied on to deliver quality products and rapid, flexible customer service.

Our client contacted us looking for an underfloor heating system that could cover the ground floor of a main house as well as the adjoining annexe – a total heated area of 130m2.

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Self-build renovation

Products: TileFix®-25 and SUPERflex™-16

What should have been a simple specification was made more complex by the fact that each room had a different type of floor construction, so he needed to find a single system that could easily provide sufficient heat through both floors.

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Two-floor retrofit project

Products: TileFix®-18 and SlimFix®-18

Our client was looking for a large underfloor heating system for an upcoming retrofit project. The system needed to be installed across two floors of a house, and also had to work efficiently with a mixture of floor coverings, including tiles, wood and carpet.

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