House extension with heat pump

Underfloor heating case study

Products: SUPERflex™, ThermoDEK™-18

When you’re renovating a large property that has a heat pump installed, it’s more important than ever to make sure you choose the best performing system, from a manufacturer who will give you all the support you need.

A recent client came to Continal for a quote for underfloor heating across both the ground and first floors of an extension and refurbishment project. Not only did the underfloor heating need to run seamlessly across the extension and the existing building, but it also needed to integrate with the renewable heat pump system already in the property.

The owner wanted the most energy efficient and best performing system possible, to ensure the heat pump would always operate at its most efficient, minimising energy bills while providing a comfortable level of heating at all times.

After discussing the project at length with the client to make sure we knew exactly what was needed, our Technical Sales Adviser recommended installing a traditional screed system with SUPERflex™ pipe on the ground floor. For the first floor, we recommended ThermoDEK™ panels to give the maximum thermal mass possible, with a low build-up height to minimise disruption and make the refurbishment as straightforward as possible.

By choosing to install a new screed on the ground floor, our client was able to quickly transform the area ready for the underfloor heating system to be fitted by the plumber. Continal®’s screed system is cost effective and quick to install and, once it was complete, the on-site plumber was able to lay the flexible SUPERflex™ pipe, with our dedicated Continal® Technical Sales Adviser on hand by phone to answer questions at any time of day or night.

Once the ground floor was complete, they moved onto the first floor, switching to Continal®’s ThermoDEK™-18 overfloor system.

ThermoDEK™ is suitable for use with both low and high-temperature systems, and when connected to a heat pump is particularly efficient, as it operates perfectly at low return temperatures.

The system is also ideal for renovations, especially on first-floor projects where floor height is limited. The tongue and groove panels lock together quickly and easily, while the solid gypsum dry screed panel at ThermoDEK’s™ core ensures an even floor temperature that can be laid beneath all common floor finishes such as wood, tiles, vinyl and carpets.

“Thank you so much for your exceptional customer service! You have made the process of purchasing under floor heating as stress free as possible. You have consistently maintained a professional and positive manner, and gone above and beyond by giving us tips on installation. Nothing we have asked was ever too much and you always knew the answer, or knew where to find one! We are so pleased with the underfloor heating and the systems we used. Thank you again.”

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