Underfloor heating control systems

Gone are the days when you were limited to a simple rotary dial thermostat, your underfloor heating system can now be controlled from the palm of your hand with our app-controlled thermostats.

Control systems - App-controlled

The Quantum app-controlled system provides users with the ultimate in room control. It allows fully-programmable room control either in-room or via a smartphone or tablet.

The system provides users with the ability to easily control temperature levels in each room, set individual time programs for each zone, and access the information and control remotely, which is ideal for unexpected occupancy or second homes.

Control systems - Digital

The programmable room control system provides users with the ability to easily and accurately control temperature levels in each room or control zone. It also allows time control over each zone, ensuring that heat is provided only where it’s required.

The setback function allows users to set a minimum temperature level, and the self-learning optimal start function improves both comfort and efficiency.

Control systems - Dial

The rotary dial control system offers users a simple, easy-to-use user interface, providing individual accurate room temperature control. Which is available in both wired and RF.

The rotary dial system is simple to install, commission and operate. When installed in separate rooms or zones, the dial thermostat allows the appropriate temperature to be set for each space. This ensures both comfort and system efficiency.

Control systems for any underfloor heating system

From simple rotary dial underfloor heating thermostats through to mobile app controlled thermostats, we give you a wide range to best suit your needs and budget.

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