All our products are manufactured in Europe, according to our specifications and our design, in specialised factories that we have trusted for many years. All products meet (and often exceed) current European standards and are always rigorously tested.

With over 20 years of experience and tens of thousands of systems delivered, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality and performance of our systems.

We do not believe in complex warranties with long paragraphs - we prefer to simplify things.

Floor heating pipe, panels, fitting systems, manifolds, valves, adapters, mixing systems and water controls are guaranteed for 20 years.

Our underfloor heating pipe also benefits from a 10-year insurance guarantee, which covers manufacturing defects.

All electrical / electronic elements and circulation pumps are guaranteed for 2 years.

We warrant that these products are free from defects for the period indicated above, provided they have been installed and used in accordance with our system design and installation instructions. We will refund or replace items according to our judgment.

Refund of return / delivery charges in case of manufacturing defect.

We expect you to provide us with all the information we need, such as photos, to help us evaluate the return request. In some cases, we will need to send the article for testing.

Warranty claims must be notified to us in writing by email at, or by phone at 01 531 4493. Our terms and conditions of sale apply.