Overfloor systems

Fitting underfloor heating for a renovation or new build over an existing floor is easy with Continal’s range of innovative systems.

If it’s minimal height increase that you need, we have systems that add only 15mm build height.

If it’s acoustically robust overlay systems, we have a variety of methods to help. If you need to lay tiles or a wooden floor directly onto your underfloor heating system, we can help. And if you need high compressive strength, then we have a solution.

For advice, chat to one of our Technical Sales Advisers, or have a browse of our typical methods and products.

If you don’t see what you need just ask: we have probably done it before.

SlimFix®-18 / SlimFix®-25

SlimFix® – Low-profile system from only 18mm thin with built-in return panels. Making installation quick and easy. Ideal for renovation, new build, whole house, or single room projects.

SlimFix® is a high-compressive strength composite panel with a heat-dissipation layer, which maximises heat output and temperature variance.

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TileFix®-18 / TileFix®-25

TileFix® – The only system you can tile directly onto, with a low-profile from just 18mm.

TileFix® fast-response, high compressive strength system, is ideal for renovation, new build, whole house and single room projects. Designed to accept direct tiling with a standard tile adhesive and is typically installed over existing solid or timber deck floors.

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UltraSlim™-15 – Our lowest system at just 15mm thin. Fast response, suitable for all heat sources and is ideal for renovation and new build.

UltraSlim™-15 combines a high strength MDF base, and heat dissipation layer to maximise output and temperature variance.

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ThermoDEK™-18 system

ThermoDEK™-18 - Super-thin, highly efficient overfloor system, with a solid gypsum dry-screed panel at its heart.

It provides a high-output, low-profile, high-strength solution, which can typically be laid over existing floors.

Suitable for low and high-temperature systems, it incorporates our SUPERflex™-12 pipe, making installation easy even on the coldest of days on site.

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