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Working from Home? Strange isn’t it

Chris Ingram, the founder of Continal has worked from home, hotels, laybys and airports for most of his 35 year business life. In this blog he shares his top tips – and hopefully they’ll help you.

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Home To Do list running out in lockdown?

Most people think that fitting underfloor heating is a highly skilled and specialist job, but that isn’t necessarily the case. You can fit it yourself if you are a competent DIYer.

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Types of UFH for joisted floors

So you’ve read the The golden rules for joisted floors with UFH, and you’ve seen lots of marketing about systems claiming to be easy to fit. But, how do you know what type of system is best for you as the installer, and what will deliver for your customer?

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The golden rules for joisted floors with UFH

Fitting energy-efficient warm-water underfloor heating to joisted floors can sometimes be quite challenging. Myths abound about how hard it is; and with so many choices of system, it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff (and there's a lot of chaff...).

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Winter is Coming - 7 checks for customers

A quick guide to getting your heating system ready for winter‍‍. A few weeks until the clocks change, the Christmas trinkets are in the shops, and the leaves are being blown off the trees. Yes, it’s that time again – winter.

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