Why customer service matters

These days the construction industry can feel a bit like a race to the bottom. Cheaper product, quicker installations, cheaper quotes – all very convenient and good for the bank balance in the short term, but cheaper very rarely equals better quality.

And when you’re building your forever home, or creating a new extension for a family, what you need is quality and service not a solution that’s quick and cheap, but ultimately unreliable.

So often, cheap also means a shorter life span, poor instructions and little support from the supplier if there are any installation issues – something that’s vital to any tradesperson when they’re installing underfloor heating (UFH). A UFH system is going to be buried in a screed floor or under floorboards potentially for 50 years, so getting it right first time is vital. No-one wants to be back on site within six months digging up a concrete floor – often at their own expense – to try and fix a system that isn’t up to par.

That’s why the trades who value quality choose Continal Underfloor Heating. We were founded by self-confessed UFH Geek Chris Ingram, who started the company after struggling to find a reliable UFH manufacturer for his own self-build project, more than 20 years ago. Since then he has dedicated himself, and his company, to offering fellow self-builders and tradespeople what he himself had been unable to find – a reliable and honest supplier of quality systems, supported by insurance-backed warranties and all the technical support an installer could need.