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New build or renovation, Continal® underfloor heating systems can be designed to suit any floor construction and are suitable for most heat sources.

They provide a touch of hidden luxury, and are more efficient than other types of heat emitter such as radiators.

From the very start of a project you chat with one expert Technical Sales Adviser who helps choose the best type of system to suit the project and takes care of the design.

“Being able to talk direct to an expert helped me solve a difficult construction problem quickly, and the advice for the plumber and electrician saved me a lot of time.”

Common questions

Heat pump? Normal boiler? Radiators?

‍No problem. We have systems designed to optimise low and high temperature heat sources, and you can combine with radiators for some areas easily.

‍Tiles, wood floors, carpets?

All no problem. We have high performance systems that are easier to install and save time compared to “normal” screed and pipe systems.

‍Low height systems?

Yes, we have them, just ask about SlimFix®, TileFix® and UltraSlim™-15.

‍Structural floors?

Yes, we are unique in having a tested structural floor system for joist and first floors, just ask about OneBoard®.

Normal screed systems?

Of course, for either traditional or liquid screeds with normal depth screeds or super thin high-performance systems.

Individual room temperature control?

Yes, as standard with every system. You can specify basic rotary dial thermostats, fully programmable, or our latest Smart App controlled systems that allow control from the other side of the world if necessary.

What about acoustic deadening?

With traditional screed systems our AcoustiMat™ can be laid under the insulation, but it’s easier with our SlimFix® and TileFix® board systems – just lay AcoustiMat™ under the boards, bonding them correctly. For extra density finish off with DriDEK™-20, our dense dry screed board system that easily lays on top.

“The screed and pipe system on the ground floor, with the SlimFix® on the first floor, meant I was able to design the room layouts as I wanted, and having no screed upstairs saved 6 weeks of drying time.”

To speak with a Technical Sales Adviser about a project, just send a copy of the plans to – you’ll hear back from us within an hour.

UK's widest range of UFH systems

Designed to suit any type of heat source and enable UFH to be quickly and easily installed on any floor, with any type of floor covering. Our underfloor heating systems come with everything you need, delivered direct to site.