Four-bedroom detached house extension

Underfloor heating case study

Products: SpeedTrak™ and SUPERflex™-16

Our client was asked to install underfloor heating in the new 90m2 extension of a detached home, but was struggling to find a system that would match his client’s price point, while still being quick and easy to install.

While his client was certain that he wanted an underfloor heating system, the budget would not allow for the installation of an overfloor system, so the installer needed to find an alternative solution at a different price point.

After talking to a number of manufacturers and not finding what he was looking for, the installer contacted the team at Continal, who were able to advise him on the benefits of all the different system types on the market, and help him to choose which would work best.

The solution

After an in-depth discussion with the customer about the whole range of possible systems , we recommended a SpeedTrak™ system with SUPERflex™-16 pipe.

We explained how the SUPERflex™-16 pipe has a bend radius of less than 100mm, making it particularly flexible when being laid. As it is suitable for use with all types of fixing system, it would work perfectly with the SpeedTrak™ screed system. This fixing system is simply stuck to the insulation using an integral adhesive layer, without any need for specialist tools or equipment.

The pipe is then simply clipped into place on the pre-laid track, which has clips  at 5cm intervals to make installation quick and easy.

As one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market, the SpeedTrak™ system will allow the installer to come in on budget, balancing the price against the complexity of the system and how easy it is to install. This will ensure his customer is happy with the finished system and make it more likely that the installer will secure repeat work in future.

The result

After considering all the options available and discussing them thoroughly with the Continal team, the installer chose to purchase our SpeedTrak™ system with SUPERflex™-16 pipe.

He also chose a HeatMax™ programmable room control system, which features a HeatMax™  wiring centre along with four programmable room thermostats. Each thermostat was installed to separately control the temperature in each room via the wiring centre, through low-energy actuators positioned on the six-zone manifold. The wiring centre communicates with the boiler to ensure an immediate response when system demands change.

Once the order was placed, the system was supplied to the customer within days, before quickly and easily being fitted inside the property’s new extension. Once the system had been fitted, a screed was laid over the top and the installation was complete.

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