Extension to an existing property

Underfloor heating case study

Products: SUPERflex™, SpeedTrak™ and Quantum controls

It’s always good to get a recommendation. These new clients had heard about us from a friend, who had one of our systems installed 10 years ago. Based on their friend’s experience, they decided to ask us to quote for a system for their new extension.

The clients couldn’t figure out how to attach the pipework to the floor. Their insulation had gone under the concrete slab, and they then had to build up by 50mm to be able to lay their finished floor.

The solution

We suggested that the clients used our SpeedTrak™ system. These strips of plastic have a self-adhesive backing which will bond to most surfaces. They are 1m in length and have cups to hold the pipework at 5cm intervals, making installation very easy.

No matter what your pipe centres are, the SpeedTrak™ system ensures that measuring is easy, and helps you keep all the pipework nice and straight.

Aside from the kitchen island which we had to work round, it was a straight forward installation. The clients were delighted, as they thought they might have to resort to radiators or an over-floor system. The screed-based system we designed for them met all their needs, while costing less than an over-floor solution.

“We’ll be sure to recommend you to all our friends in the future.”

The result

Because the kitchen and dining area in the new extension have a sleek, modern design, the clients opted for our app-controlled thermostat, the Quantum digital thermostat. This kept the room’s contemporary looks, while giving them superb control over their heating.

The clients were thrilled with both the system and the service, just as their friends had been 10 years ago.

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