Two-storey refurbishment project

Underfloor heating case study

Products: TileFix®-25, SlimFix®-25, OneBoard® structural system

Continal Underfloor Heating received an enquiry from a homeowner who wanted underfloor heating installed on both floors of his renovation property, a five-bedroom converted bungalow.

The homeowner had some very specific questions about whether UFH would work for him, as he needed a cohesive system that would work with various different floor coverings and floor heights throughout the building.

Our Technical Sales Adviser took the time to go through all the different options available, and after several phone calls to make sure we had all the information, we recommended a system for his home.

That system comprised TileFix® and SlimFix® on the ground floor, due to the two different floor finishes across the 214m2 area, with OneBoard® being installed on the first floor to act as the structural floor.

TileFix® offers a fast-response, high compressive strength system that is designed to accept direct tiling using a normal flexible tile adhesive. It is typically installed over existing solid or timber deck floors. SlimFix® is a low-profile system available in depths from just 18mm, with built-in return panels to make installation quick and easy. The heat-dissipation layer maximises heat output and reaction time, and is suitable for all heat sources.

Continal’s OneBoard® system is a structural system for joists, making it simple to add UFH to the first floor of a property. The in-deck suspended floor solution can be laid directly on joists to serve as the property’s structural floor, as well as the UFH, with minimum floor build height. The composite chipboard panel incorporates a heat dissipation foil, as well as SUPERflex™-12 pipe at 150mm pipe centres. With a capping of 6mm ply, any floor covering can be installed on top.

“We were more than happy to choose Continal as our UFH heating supplier, as they were happy to answer all our questions and take the time to explain everything to us in a clear and straightforward way.”

Once the homeowner was satisfied that our system would meet all his needs, he then asked us to speak to his UFH installer. We discussed similar issues with the installer to put his mind at rest, and also discussed all the technical specifications that the installer had. Following those discussions, we decided to change the depth of the overfloor boards to 25mm, which would allow the installer to build the floor up to the required height.

After the homeowner and installer were both happy with the system, our Technical Sales Adviser amended the quote and they put a deposit down on the system on the same day.

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