Low ceilings are no problem for UltraSlim™

Underfloor heating case study

Products: UltraSlim™-15, SUPERflex™-12 pipe

When one of our regular customers had a tricky property that needed underfloor heating (UFH), they called Continal Underfloor Heating to see if we could help.

The property was a farmhouse in Cornwall that was undergoing a significant renovation, with new bifold doors and a complete internal redesign across almost 94m2 of floor space. The property owner wanted to have UFH fitted for the luxury and warmth it would bring to the home once the project was finished, but there was a problem.

The bifold doors had already been ordered and were tall enough that any build up in the floor height would prevent them from being installed. So our installer needed an UFH solution that would give the homeowner the finish they wanted, while keeping the floor build up height to an absolute minimum.

“I’ve used Continal Underfloor Heating before and have always been impressed by their customer service and range of solutions – even for more complicated properties. We had very little room to add UFH to this property, but they were able to find me a great solution that was easy to fit.”

Our Technical Sales Adviser suggested Continal’s lowest profile panel system, the UltraSlim™-15. UltraSlim™ combines a high-strength MDF base and heat dissipation layer to maximise the heat output while keeping the floor build-up height to just 15mm – less than the height of a pound coin.

UltraSlim™ offers fast response times and is suitable for use with all heat sources, making it the perfect choice for both renovation and new build projects. The universal composite panels provide pipe routing for return loops and distribution with no need for separate end return panels, making installation quick and easy. It can also be fitted with any floor construction.

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